Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Some photos of Simon's graduation from Kindergarten!

Getting ready for the journey
All you need is a Darth Maul light saber and a Viking helmet

Welcome to my classroom

Like my mortarboard?

Where's Simon?

Heading to commencement

Can you guess what Simon is doing here? Rhymes with dart.

High Fiving with Mr Kels- 
the 4th/5th grade teacher Simon learned fractions from one day

The look that I wasn't expecting to see for a few more years

Another look I was expecting for a while

Listening to the poem "Everything I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten"

I gradjiated Auntie Dre!!

 I got a sheepskin and everything!

 They even spelled my name right

 Come check out my classroom Auntie Dre

....and I'm outta here!  (except for tomorrow, the actual last day of school)

Next year the little man child will be attending Manzanita Community school. He will hopefully get to stay there for 3 years!! We are very excited about the summer, camp and swimming lessons, Saturday baseball fun, starting first grade and maybe, just maybe in the next few weeks, getting to take the G-tube out. It's a short surgery but a surgery still. 
I cannot imagine the boy going topless this summer and not seeing his little plastic button there. Updates for sure after that one.

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been too much in the 'take care of the present' mode and less in the reflective space for blogging. Things have been hard and good and scary and smooth sailing. We have had stops and starts with ABA, eating, IEP's, and life in general. We've had friends pass away, therapists found, and Dr's visits rescheduled for surgeries 6 months post due.  (yep, Simon has not used his gtube for 6 months! We could have pulled that puppy long ago and we will as soon as we set a date- with our surgeon tomorrow!!)
Great and awe-some changes are afoot. We have one more day of Kindergarten, then one week of Robot Camp then 8 weeks of Camp Kee Tov (a Jewish Day camp that seems to be made for the little Rebbe Simon Lev. It's all about Ruach (spirit!)
I can't wait to see what's coming up.

Thank you friends for walking with us.

Much love

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JustJules said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome pics of Simon's graduation! I love all the crazy expressions he's whipping out on you already. Robot camp sounds cool, why wasn't that around when I was a kid?

Love to all three of you from all 4 of us in NOHO this summer.

Jules, Sarah, Lucy n' Sophie