Monday, April 7, 2014


This was the first time in six years that Simon ever expressed any interest in his birthday. He asked for two specific things (several thousand times) over the last month. "Is Elsa coming to my house?" and "We can have my party at Gymboree?"
So....he got both! He nearly fainted when you-know-who came to the door on Saturday and ran himself into an ecstatic puddle on Sunday.  
Take a look.
OMG! Look who's in my bedroom for my Birthday Party!!

I'm thinking..."How Cool Is This?!!"


Thank you for the Balloon Sword. Do you want to marry me?!

This is just unreal!

Simon's Mexican Wrestling cape will be put to good use


Jedi Knights sparring

Elsa is too cool!

 This is just the best birthday ever!!

Thank you Mama and Mommy! 

And I get a Princess Dress?! 

Marble Mania with Mamaw!!

Day 2 Birthday Part II

Storm Trooper ready to go!

 High flying super heroes!

Working on our Olympic Skeleton riding

 Dude! This is totally awesome!

Bubbles make everything better

Please note the larger kid on the left

Simon and Citlali reunited!

Good Peeps. Good Times.

This was Simon at the end of a long day, just running for Joy!

A moment of repose...

 ...and we're off again!

Happy Boy!

Tired Boy

He turns 6 on Wednesday. I'm having a hard time believing it.

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