Friday, December 6, 2013

Normal doesn't mean easy

We had our Friday all team conference today. Simon is ahead of he curve. He's taking in more calories than expected. He's right on target for self feeding. He's learning and meeting his goals with leaps and bounds. It amazing to hear that they are projecting us meeting all of our goals by the end of week three. I was told to come up with four goals and really only plan on working on the first two. It's incredibly inspiring. Jaime cried (it's amazing that she gets to teleconference in on some of his sessions and our Friday meetings). She posted on Facebook and the response has been overwhelming. So many "Go Simon! Your killing it! Yay Team Shimmy" and more of the like. It's really emotional to feel so many of you pulling for us.

At least I can imagine it is. Here on the ground it doesn't quite feel real because, as one clinician said, he's about to really start pushing back. Week 2 is all about the denoumont and it's totally normal. True to fashion, Simon chose his own timing for it. We started a little early, which when you have a finite amount of time, is, I guess better than late. There have been times in the last 12 hours that I have heard more guttural noises coming from my child than I have in my all my years playing college rugby....and that's a lot. I have been scratched and punched and am currently wearing more food than I got to eat tonight.

"It's normal" she said. I hate our normal sometimes. Our 'normal' has meant so many things that I would have never put under any umbrella labeled normal. It's kind of hysterical. If you think if hysterical as being rooted in hysteria (in its colloquial use, describing unmanageable emotional excesses.)
Yup, that.

Jaime arrives in a few hours and I can't wait and am more than a little nervous. I feel like I haven't seen her in weeks, very very full weeks. It's only been 5 days but each day has felt like weeks and I don't have any idea how to download what's been going on. I'm so excited to get a break and don't wan to miss a moment of the two days that we have together. I need to do laundry at the Ronald McDonald House and get some fresh air and hold her as close to me as possible at the same time.
What kind of normal is that?

Still, Simon and I lit the Shabbat candles tonight and said the blessings. We marked the end of one week and will have some time in between the start of the next. I'm hoping that the time 'in between' includes some respite (even while keeping the same schedule in terms of meals and snacks with just me doing them).  Again, what is this new normal?

Hysterical isn't it?


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Emkay Forest said...

I'm glad your family will be together tonight. Thinking of wholeness and being complete for you. Enjoy the weekend (even with the continued harrowing schedule)

Brook Pessin-Whedbee said...

You all are amazing. Glad you can be together this weekend. Hope you find some quiet moments in there to reboot. Thinking of you all.