Tuesday, April 9, 2013



Hangin' with my Auntie Jen
Getting check out by our midwife

One Year Old

Auntie Dre!

With my sister!

Great Aunt Ellie

Cousin Maya

MM is so lovely!

We share a birthday but I get the crown!

Doting grandparents

Two Years Old

Family bed on my birthday!

 Three Years Old


Cousin Zuzu and I breaking out of jail

Four Years Old

Five Years Old!

I ate a WHOLE piece of bacon for breakfast!
Loving my angry bird birthday present!


Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

I found your story through Glennon. I was so touched in a few different ways --- I am a white, Christian, hetero, suburban southerner :) Yet I share Glennon's views on most everything, including God's love for EVERYONE. My daughter also has a CHD and it was exactly as you described --- a make it or break for our relationship and marriage -- and it was a make-it. blessings and best wishes to you all.

Cindy Hamilton said...

Discovered your blog through momastery. That photo from S's 1st birthday with all the grandparents - loved that. Reminded me of my family and the unequivocal love of grandparents. I'm so glad you have that for your beautiful boy! Sending you blessings and love from a stranger in Chicago, and I look forward to reading your blog!

Rachel Krohn said...

I just love you guys. I'm taking off a day at work (leading worship at a Presbyterian church - I'm a Monkee too :) this summer to celebrate my sister's wedding to her lovely girlfriend and couldn't be more thrilled. Love WINS and your sweet family is inspiring.

kathy said...

You are going to get a lot of visitors today :) The documentary is absolutely beautiful- what an incredible love story. Thanks for sharing yourselves with everyone!

My House, My Garden said...

Just jumped over here from Glennon's blog. Wow, what a story! You two are awesome parents and what a beautiful family the three of you make. Simon is such a lucky boy to have you two. I wish you health and happiness for a lifetime.
I am a southern mom that really turned my cheek at any religion because of the judgmental nature that I felt a loving God would never tolerate. When I read Glennon's perspective on God, it was like bells going off. I was like, yes, that's what I feel!!
God bless you guys!

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat said...

I'm a new reader -- here via Momastery -- and wanted to say: he's beautiful, y'all are amazing, and I'm holding you in my heart and in my prayers. Kol hakavod.

Jen said...

Another Monkee chiming in (well... more like a Monkee lurker, heh) to say howdy and share the love. Your story has truly touched my heart and I'm wishing your family all the best. I've never considered myself Christian but still feel right at home at Momastery, because it's just inclusive. It's a phenomenon all it's own. And Glennon makes me cry ALL the damn time. Virtual hugs to you from a little further north in California!

Katherine said...

Another monkee checking in and just had to tell you.. My firstborn daughter Cora was born on April 9th, 2008 too. I told her she had a birthday twin in California and showed her Simon's picture. We both send our love and best wishes to you all from Baltimore!

Stacie said...

Hi. I also found you through Momastery. I am a nurse at CHOC Children's Hospital in Orange County, CA. I am not sure if Simon is still struggling with his oral intake, but we have an amazing program at our hospital with an absolutely amazing doctor, Dr Katz. I don't know if you have heard of this program, but I wanted to let you know if you haven't. If you would like more information, feel free to contact me or the hospital.



Thank you for sharing your story.