Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A New Year Starts Normal

Tonight starts the celebration of the Jewish New Year. We eat apples and honey to start it off sweet and pray for that to continue.

Simon started it off with a visit to Cardiology.

And it was sweet.

Momentous even.

Simon got through his EKG and Echo with an even greater maturity than last time. He only started saying "I'm finished" just a few minutes before we actually were. He gave Sarai (the echo tech) a beautiful hug afterwards and only told about a million people that he was looking for Dr Rosenfeld to say "Hellllloo!!"
After a nice long wait, quality time spent with the puffer fish in the aquarium, Rosenfeld comes in, gets high fives, and starts:

Simon's echo looks really good. His shortening fraction (SF) is up to 29 and his ejection fraction (EF) is up to 50. He'd like to stop giving him baby aspirin, and discontinue Digoxin, and why don't we go from 3 doses of Lasix down to just 2.

I'm trying not to pee my pants and take it all in.
I know those numbers. They have significance. What is it....? Oh yeah, I remember THEY'RE IN THE NORMAL RANGE!!!

Simon's heart is functioning in the normal range. NORMAL.
 (forget initials) WHAT THE FUCK?!
We're taking him off meds. Those are the specific meds that support function and he doesn't need that because HIS FUNCTION IS IN THE NORMAL RANGE!

Of course I'm scared. Of course I'm wondering where the heck this man got his quack medical degree (Harvard). But I'm also feeling a million pounds lighter and so freaking proud of my son. He's done it. He's taken his sweet 3 year time but he's done it. He's given himself the gift of normalcy and we can only hope/assume that this will be the only arena that such a thing will occur.

But holy shit, dear family, friends, and wonderful reader, we are celebrating over here.

It doesn't really change our day to day.
And, there's not much sweeter than this normal.
Shanah Tova, a Shanah Tova to you all.


Sol said...

The only possible response.

K. said...

Fantasic news, Team Shimmy. Your story gives me hope for Charlie on so many levels.

Jen said...

Yes! Rock it Mr. Shimmy! And also, just to clarify, Simon will always be way beyond and above "normal". lovelovelovelovelovelovelove,
Auntie Jen

purplesej said...


Elka's Mama said...

Hey, Miracles on Rand, Shana Tova! I got to agree with Jen though...Shimster is above and beyond that normal thang, but the heart...rock it with some good normal strides there, kiddo! Hugs to y'all from us 4 (ok, Luna and MaeMae protest--from us 6.)

Lydia said...

Longtime lurker here.

Just wanted to say congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...

First time visitor... And on such a momentous occasion! Well done!

Deborah said...

SO happy for you all!!! My son has DCM and I KNOW what those numbers mean. You go Simon!!!!

Eleanor Chrom said...

makes us believe that there is a god!
ellie and aol