Monday, August 1, 2011

3rd Anniversary

Today marked the third anniversary of Simon getting sick.  On this day 3 years ago, Simon was diagnosed and admitted to the hospital and the next day was on life support.  It's hard to wrap my brain around it.  How could it be that long ago and how could it have only been three years ago?

For me (Jaime), today felt pretty...average. I think that's saying a lot.  I didn't have random crying, big feelings, acute memories of the hospital.  It was more hustle bustle to get our cupcakes together so we could go to there to say thank you to the ICU staff.

It's a little staggering to think how much we've adjusted in 3 years.

Simon got to say hi to some old friends, including his primary evening nurse, Carol.  They were thrilled to see him and he charmed them all, as is his way.

Mama, Simon and Carol

Reunited and it feels so good (definitely better than when we were inpatient!)

Mommy, Simon and Carol

 Simon with his "scuba mask" on his head aka the face masks they give out in the ICU to keep cooties from spreading, that he requested.  

If I never see one of those damn masks after our need for them last winter when we were in for pneumonia, it will be too soon.  Simon, however, was loving them.  Here he is maxin' and relaxin' in an infusion chair in the hallway. We practically bathed him in Lysol when we got home.     

It was a very sweet, very mellow, uneventful, non-traumatic day marking the hardest day of our lives.  Just the way I like it.

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Fresh Ground Knits said...

I wouldn't have thought you crazy for bathing him in Lysol afterwards! I'm so glad it's been 3 years :) lots of love xoxo