Saturday, December 4, 2010

Light Returning

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Four Questions:
Who is this young man that asks for food all day throughout the day?
Who is this little boy that hasn't barfed in days?
Who is this little mensch that learns to say Happy Hanukkah and eat gelt?
Who is this boychik of mine that says "I'm hungry" and "yum" and actually means it?

It's Simon Lev, surprising us all again. He's on his own timeline and progression for sure but holy heck is he walking on down the road, steps sure and steady.

I don't know what happened but after these last few weeks of having a cold and then a wicked stomach bug, he's 'eating' in ways I've yet to see.

Bringing spoonfulls of miso soup to his mouth (I stopped counting after 10). Licking baba ganoush off a spoon and veggie stick. Letting me put crumbs of ritz crackers on his tongue. Chewing rice size bits of scone, cheese, apple.....and then swallowing them!!!
Asking asking asking, always asking for something.

It's awesome in the true sense of the compound word.
I am certainly experiencing some awe.

I learned my lesson though a while ago though and don't freak out anymore while we're eating. Once was enough to scare the bejeezzus out of him and almost make him cry I was so excited about some lick or taste.
No, now I just have the joyful freak out inside my head and work hard to control the hyperventilation while saying a very calm and subdued "nice job Simon."

This is so amazing too as we're celebrating Hanukkah, getting ready for the Solstice, and Christmas (aaah the wonders of the mixed family and the month of December!).

Talk about feeling the return of the Light!


Preparing for his solo aria

Get your motors running...

Riding the range (solo!)

On the first night of Hanukkah my two moms gave to me.... (don't worry, the next night he got a robot- we like to mix up over here)

Look how much scone I can fit in my mouth!

I do love me some paprika

A boy, his diaper, a g-tube button and a french fry.
What more does one need?

The video is precious not just for it's silent action but for the exclamation at the end. How many of us haven't said the same thing at one time or another?

It's from a book.


Anonymous said...

Hey so cute

Anonymous said...

I would love to change his dipers