Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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I will write more later but all I can muster right now is 112.

That's what Simon's BNP is. It measures how distressed the heart muscle is. It was 3900 almost exactly two years ago. 100 and under is 'normal'.

Simon's is 112

can't stop smiling


pansyliz said...

Congratulations to all. i would call '112 Perfect' and here is the beginning rough draft list of the 112 things i have learned from your story: 1. Love of parents 2. The role of play is healing 3. Enjoying food has a new meaning 4. The family core of normal in crisis is no different even if you label the family irregular 5. There are no really regular families 6. When the hits come, they keep on coming, 7. The hits end in various sounds from Boston Pops that can be heard on 4th of July are the symphonies that need to be heard 8. Sharing your story is a lesson for others and a privilege to them 9. The range of attire of a young boy is open to his great presence in them 10. Life moves but should be taken a step at a time 11. Life and death is present everyday but not always in focus 12. A smile is greater than any 'milestone' 13. Giggles and laughter can fill the body 14. Perfection is present in the being of being 15. Being anyone other than who you are is a waste of time and energy 16. That a stranger on the end of the phone can change one's life 17. That a blog is more then a recording of words 18. Honoring of others brings forth honor of self 19. The spiritual practices in a family can comfort, can wrap up like a hand made afghan 20. A little boys heart can be bigger than it should but his life is a blessing noone who has heard can avoid.......

Thanks for the inspiring and lessons i have learned since that day in which i got a lucky call about your cell bill.

LFS liz

Jen said...

Hey Fitch and Jenett. So have you talked to Hunky-Pants yet about what the numbers mean? I know I could just ask on the phone, but I bet there is lots of curiosity not just from me...

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Cool!!! Wonderful!!!

Karen in Denver
(mom of Spencer, 16, healthy with HCM [3rd gen]; Deaven, 13 healthy but grumpy)