Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spoke too soon

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That part of the last post when I talked about how well Simon is moving through his colds, this last one in particular...

Just kidding.

We're back to watching closely and calling Dr's.

He's got another fever and spent most of the day going back and forth between riding a medication high (mostly homeopathy which is great) and scraping the bottom of the barrel with sweats and pukes and truly pathetic break-your-heart moaning.

We are three weeks into solid illness and while each bug is clearly different from the rest, we seem to be getting more and more into scarier symptoms. Mostly I'm just talking about fevers.

Now for most folk, young and old, a fever can be a great sign that the body is doing what it needs to for recovery. We learned today that every degree over normal body temp requires the heart to work 10% harder. Well, for someone who's heart is functioning at at-least a third less than yours or mine...when he has a fever of 101.7....that math is beyond me since I haven't taken math since my sophomore year in high school- but it's not good. It does not fill me with assurance that he will be fine. It makes me hold my breath sometimes during the night so that I can hear whether he's grunting in his sleep signaling that the fever is back.

This sucks. He's holding his own for sure but that line feels gossamer thin and I hate feeling that way again, regularly.

Guess what else I hate....the change in schedule. Or more clearly the loss of schedule. I know Simon is managing for the most part with our hanging at home (bless the Teletubbies, bless them big) but for me it's a little bit of a snowball effect where one missed 'school' day is ok, but to go three weeks without my parent support group, hurts. No swimming, no 'school', makes Laura a dull girl. Actually the opposite really. I feel really sharp, kind of on edge. A little crispy round the edges. Like when bacon has been cooked too long and it's that kind of sharp that cuts the top of your mouth when you eat it.


At least the sun is out. I am so ready for cold and flu season to be over. So ready.

Another week sequestered in the house was threatening to turn me into a babbling idiot.

Speaking of babbling, Simon's fave new activity is trolling for hi-partners. While walking or strolling down the street he will choose a target (usually the person walking towards or along side of us) and being to chant "hi, hi, hi" until they make eye contact and return the greeting. His intention is so obvious it's hilarious. If he doesn't get a response he will take 10 seconds to stare ("why are you not focused on me?") and move on to find another more willing target. It's quite amusing.

So there it is, a bacon analogy and a funny story about Simon. What else could you ask for in a blog post.

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