Saturday, November 14, 2009


Locations of visitors to this pageThank you all so much for the Vaccine clinic info. Simon actually got his 1st part shot on Thursday and both Jaime and I got ours today.

Guess we're as worthy as those big wigs on Wall Street.

Simon's had a runny nose since Thursday night and mine's just starting to kick in. Fun times.

Shimmy seems to be moving at light speed in terms of working out new words and sounds. In the last few days we've heard new babbling and a distinct "Hi" and "Bye" being used at the correct times. There's also a clearer "baby" and "ball" happening not to mention more than a hint of "Mama" and "Mommy". Delayed shmelayed. He's a genius, the next Stephen Hawking, Lance Armstrong, and Jackson Pollock in the making- minus the wheelchair, testicular cancer, and alcoholism.

Jaime and I are just trying to keep up with the lack of sleep and craziness of life in general.

I love him so much it's impossible to explain.

And thank you all for the love and well wishes for our dear friends and their little baby girl. Looks like you all have worked your magic again (not to mention she's kicking some life force ass) because little Jonah girl is on the 'well baby' list and will hopefully be coming home in a few days. All systems are a go.
Thank you all for love. It's a powerful thing.

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