Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Live Like You're Dying

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Jaime here:

I had a good cry on my work today. No apparent reason. Just feeling a little melancholy, and really glad Simon is alive and just letting go of or saying hi to the fear that's still there. There's been a thread on our listserv about how a lot of us fall apart when things are calm and quiet and "good". It's a little unnerving sometimes but I also know it's good. The hard feelings are there whether or not I am aware of them, so I figure it's better for them to come to the surface than stay locked up in the "I'm fine, I'm okay, everything is under control" place I often live in.

One of my pet projects has been to put together a slideshow of pics of Simon from the last year with snippets from different songs (go Windows Moviemaker!). This is one that I definitely want to have in the piece. The lyrics pretty much sum up how I'm trying to live my life these days. It's what I see Simon doing and it's amazing to watch.

Live Like You're Dying
By Lenka

One of these days you'll be
under the covers you'll be
under the table and you'll realize
all of your days are numbered;
all of them one to one hundred.
All of them millions.
All of them trillions.
So what are you gonna do with them all?
You can not trade them in for more.
no no
Chorus 1:
Take every moment; you know that you own them.
It's all you can do, use what's been given to you.
Give me a reason
to fight the feeling
that there's nothing here for me.
Cause none of its easy,
I know it wasn't meant to be.
I know it's all up to me, I know it's all up to me,
So what am I gonna do with my time?
Chorus 2:
Ill take every moment, I know that I own them.
It's all up to you to do whatever you choose.
Chorus 3:
Live like you're dying and never stop trying.
It's all you can do, use what's been given to you.
All of the moments you didn't notice;
gone in the blink of an eye.
All of the feelings you couldn't feel
no matter how you try.
oh oh
Chorus 1
Chorus 3 x2
oh oh

Simon has been really into a new game where I plug his ears with my fingers or cover them with my hands. He makes a funny little squeak and grabs my hands to pull them away and push them back in. It's very, very cute.

Here's a picture of Simon trying to tune into his home planet (those are blocks on his ears, for those of you who are wondering):

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Jen said...

Love you Jaime. And the pic made me LOL