Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GI update

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I don't consider myself a huge "worrier". I don't carry my stress over Simon for too long. I feel pretty good about how well I am handling all this.
And Doctor Gleghorn makes me feel like a worry wart.
I think that's awesome!
Simon got winning marks for his GI visit. Here are some highlights
  • We are no where near talking about a Nissen for him. He would need to be vomiting up blood, in terrible pain while barfing, and/or failing to thrive. Simon has never spit up anything other than formula (occasionally a little neon green bile), he has around a three second bounce back after blowing chunks, and failing to thrive...? Please. Have you seen the little chunker lately. Dr Gleghorn actually put him a slightly lower calorie daily intake plan.

  • We are switching over to an age appropriate formula that, by all accounts, should be covered by our insurance. We'll see if they go for it without a fight and a ton of red tape (that's just what I've heard from a couple of other families- thinking optimistically though)

  • We are cleared for swimming!! I just finished writing what I think is a heck of an application for financial aid to the Downtown Berkeley YMCA. I included two pictures to really work their purse/heart strings. One from August 2nd and one from his birthday. I'm thinking they might actually pay us to come to the Y. Naaaah, but I'd take a nice scholarship so that we could go swimming a couple of times a week :-)

I feel light as a feather.

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Tanner said...

Cleared for swimming - so you're able to go?! Yay!