Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Magic or hidden camera?

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Simon and I were returning from a neighborhood walk to pass out flyers for his upcoming birthday celebration. He is a neighborhood boy and we wanted to make sure that all those folks from Arizmendi and Papyrus and Mezze, who we stop to say "Hi" to on our regular walk, are invited.

We are returning home, rounding the corner from Cheney on to Rand Ave when we notice a car making the turn from the other end of Cheney on to Rand. It's an old school white Cadillac with an older white gentleman driving the slow moving vehicle. I can't help but notice that the driver is also wearing a white sweatshirt and sweatpants and has a white mustache. It's a lot of white.

He slows down next to us and out his passenger side window says "that's a cute baby."

"Thank you," I reply.

"How old is he?" the gentleman asks.

"He's just 11 months yesterday" I offer.

"That is a strong baby," the man says.

I smile at him and he says again "yup, that is a strong boy" and continues driving.

I have to call Jaime right away. I wasn't quite sure what just happened but I liked it a lot.

I really didn't think that god was going to show up in such a stereotypical get up, what with the all-white and all... (although the Cadillac was a nice touch, the sweats threw me off).

Simon is magic.

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Gyrl said...

Gosh he is getting so big!