Thursday, March 5, 2009

Loved baby

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We went to see Dr Su yesterday for a post surgery follow up. Dr Su was the surgeon that performed Simon's G tube placement as well as his Broviak removal when we were in the hospital back in November. She has seen him at his worst (Nov) and then again when he was doing really well (in January when she didn't initially think he was a candidate for surgery- then she saw him in person).

When we came in yesterday you could just tell how excited she was to see him. It was cute.

She said his Gtube placement is doing fabulous and even the red spots that are still there at the stitch sites might be nothing more than a stitch that hasn't dissolved yet and he's just having a slight reaction to it. I completely understand since I can still feel a stitch or two from my surgery. How many parents get to say that about their kids...that they know exactly what might be going on for them in regards to healing surgery sites. That's a little messed up my friends.
As we were getting ready to depart I asked Dr Su if this would be our last surgical follow up since we were also seeing Dr Gleghorn (GI specialist) regularly. Dr Su paused for a minute and then sheepishly replied "well, you could just see Dr Gleghorn and not me but I have to say, selfishly, I want to keep up with Simon and know how he's doing."

He is a loved baby. We gave her a flyer for his birthday party and she is going to do her best to come to his birthday party with her 14 month old baby girl. Too sweet.

Then we went up to Cardiology and the PICU to drop off birthday flyers and once again, folks were just gaga over Simon. He is truly a bright light. I feel like it's pretty important to keep sharing it. He is a beautiful reminder of life in all its fragility, and beauty and strength. He says "enjoy this life, enjoy this moment, it's a gem." It's almost like he's demanding it with each smile, each sparkly eyed gaze. It's so good for me to see, it's clearly good for folks at the hospital who always thank me for bringing him by, and it's good for the person on the street who goes to touch him- gets the "please don't, he's immuno compromised"- and can't believe this baby is so sick.

I don't have words really for how amazing it is. So, I just smile and go on being amazed and in awe of my sick, in heart failure, takes too many medications, eats through a tube in his stomach, incredible, shares his light/life force so easily and powerfully, baby boy.

Check him out.
Comb over anyone?
Even a little puke-age can't ruin this outfit
I love me some Mama!!
Don't you just feel your heart exploding with love

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