Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some photos from the last week

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It's been a little hectic. I'm sorry we haven't done an update since the 11th. I was waiting for Shimmy's BNP from the last visit but it's still pending. Everything else looks good though.
We've had some sweet visits with other babies and while it's a harsh reminder that Simon has some serious catching up to do (why? well cuz he has a heart condition and spent 4 months in the icu) it's also been really great to have some baby social time. That's what Simon is, a baby, not just a cardiac patient with lots of meds and Dr visits and limitations. He's a delicious baby who can learn and play and grow along side his fellow babies. Next time we'll get some photos of him with his baby friends.
Here are some photos of the last couple of days to tide you over.
Love to all
Snuggle time with Auntie Manders

This Hat is so cool, look what happens when I turn it!

Ah, yes the festival of lights is approachingLook Mom, I can pull your glasses off

Tickle Me Simon

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Sol said...

That third pic looks suspiciously like an Oilers jersey.