Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Trick Pony

So our little Shimmy (his new nickname) has some really fun tricks up his sleeve these days.

Trick #1 (Our current favorite) being full of gas, both burps and farts, that won't come out so he's up all night (I got 3 hours and Laura got 2 hours of sleep last night- took turns sleeping in the living room). Not sure if it's sensitivity to dairy that Laura's eating or just typical gassy baby. It sucks a little but so satisfying when he lets one rip. Sometimes we cheer. Must be the sleep deprivation.

Trick #2 Waiting just until you're about to fasten the diaper and then peeing everywhere. Bonus trick- after you clean that up, have changed clothes and are about to fasten diaper #2, repeat pee trick.

Trick # 3 Burping so loudly that Laura thinks it was Jaime burping.

Trick #4 Sleeping with hands up by head, most often in a "oh the world is so cruel, I just can't take it anymore" position. (See photo for example)

Trick #5 Losing his baby hair so he now REALLY looks like a little old man with a receeding hairline. (See photo for example) Sometimes, when he's sleepy and his eyes are rolling around in his head his movements are slow and uncoordinated looks like a drunk old man. His little old man name is Irving.

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