Monday, April 14, 2008

Simon's Fan Club

Grandma Nola

Auntie Cathy

Auntie Molly
Uncle Skeeter

Auntie Saun-Toy

Auntie Abby

Cousin Talia

Auntie Leah

Auntie Sej and cousin Trevor

Auntie Anna

Auntie Alicia

Auntie Anne

Grandpa Bruce (Jaime's dad) holding the Little Man

Grandpappy Eddie (Jaime's stepdad) and Mamaw (Jaime's Mom)

Great Aunt Ellie (Laura's Father's Sister)

Amy, resident Fitch-Jenett photographer

Auntie Sonya

Auntie Dre

Mamaw (Jaime's Mom) and cousin Diego (Jessica's son whom Jaime accidentally caught at home about 7 years ago).

Jessica (Jaime's friend)

Auntie Karen

Auntie Jen (Laura's sister)

Uncle Reid

Auntie Leah

Grandpa Bernie (Laura's Dad)

Auntie Amanda

M.M. (Mom's Mom aka Laura's Mom)

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